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Parliamentary bills introduced and passed, 23 to 26 February 2015

Bills introduced and bills given a third reading between 23 and 26 February 2015 were as follows:

Bills Introduced  

Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Amendment Bill, introduced on 23 February 2015 by Dr Nick Smith. Amends the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act 2006. Departmental disclosure statement prepared by Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment on 21 November 2014. Purpose of bill to remove any doubt about the validity of the criteria in Gazette notice published on 28 July 2011, to deem certain claims determined as ineligible on the basis of the meaning of the term  built in sections 14 to 18 to be eligible claims as a result of decision in Osborne v Auckland Council [2014] 1 NZLR 766 (SCC), and to widen definition of "qualifying claimant" in section 125B.

Taxation (Annual Rates for 2015-16, Research and Development, and Remedial Matters) Bill, introduced on 26 February 2015 by Revenue Minister Todd McClay. Omnibus tax bill. Includes a number of measures to clarify the GST position of bodies corporate. Statement by Revenue Minister Todd McClay following introduction.  

Bills given a third reading 

Gambling Amendment Bill (No 2), on 24 February 2015. Introduced on 6 August 2007. Amends the Gambling Act 2003 in a number of ways, including stronger differentiation between Class 4 gambling societies that apply funds to their own purposes and those that distribute, a new duty for grant recipients to use grants for specific purpose for which they were granted, a new duty for casinos and Class 4 venue staff to assist problem gamblers, and clarification to cancellation or suspension powers of Secretary for Internal Affairs. Statement by Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne following passage of bill.

Parole Amendment Bill, on 24 February 2015. Introduced on 26 September 2012 by Justice Minister Judith Collins. First reading November 2013 and referred to Law and Order Committee. Committee report on 16 May 2014. Amends the Parole Act 2002 to reduce number of parole hearings where offender has little prospect of release. Statement by Justice Minister Amy Adams following passage of bill.



Last updated on the 26th February 2015