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Regulations notified: 9 to 15 March 2012

The following regulations were notified in the New Zealand Gazette published on 15 March 2012:

Canterbury Earthquake (Education Legislation) Order 2012 (SR 2012/34) 
Made pursuant to section 71 of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011. In force 2 April 2012 and expires 1 April 2013. Modifies the operation of the Education Act 1989 by allowing students who were attending schools on 22 February 2011 in Christchurch or the Selwyn or Waimakariri Districts and who have to relocate temporarily to other places because of the Canterbury earthquakes to have a right to enrol at those schools; providing for special enrolment schemes for schools in the specified area to manage risk to the school network and students' education and welfare; allowing the meaning of “half-day” to be varied immediately by the Minister, without consultation requirements, and requiring school boards to apply the varied meaning, so as to accommodate necessary variations in the opening and operating hours of schools; extending the circumstances in which interventions can be made in schools under Part 7A of the Act to include managing risk to the school network and students' education and welfare that may occur as a result of the Canterbury earthquakes; providing temporary exemptions from some financial reporting requirements in Part 8 of the Act; and allowing the Minister to re-establish a school if its relocation would contribute to the rebuilding of the part of the school network damaged in the Canterbury earthquakes. The Order also modifies the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008 by allowing the Secretary to waive, in certain circumstances, the licensing fee for a licensed service that was closed by the Canterbury earthquakes.

Canterbury Earthquake (Inland Revenue Acts) Amendment Order 2012 (SR 2012/35)
Made pursuant to section 71 of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011. In force 1 April 2012. Amends the Canterbury Earthquake (Inland Revenue Acts) Order 2011 to do the following: extend the expiry date of the principal order from the close of 1 April 2012 to the close of 1 October 2012. This amendment takes account of the ongoing difficulties faced by taxpayers in meeting the timing obligations imposed by the Inland Revenue Acts; and replace the existing definition of Canterbury earthquake with a definition of Canterbury earthquakes that refers to the definition of that term in section 4(1) of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011 and make a corresponding change to clause 5(1)(a). These amendments align the terminology in the principal order with the terminology in the Act (which repealed, and replaces, the Canterbury Earthquake Response and Recovery Act 2010, pursuant to which the principal order was made). The new definition is not confined to the earthquake of 4 September 2010 and its aftershocks, which means that the principal order will apply in relation to any earthquake in Canterbury on or after 4 September 2010, including any aftershock; and replace the reference to 1 April 2012 in clause 6(1) with a reference to 1 October 2012. This amendment extends the time limit to which the powers in clause 5 apply, which means that the Commissioner will be able to exercise those powers in relation to any time limit (as defined in clause 4) that falls or ends on or after 4 September 2010 and on or before 1 October 2012.

Immigration (Visa, Entry Permission, and Related Matters) Amendment Regulations 2012 (SR 2012/36)
Made pursuant to sections 400 to 402 of the Immigration Act 2009. Part in force on 17 April 2012 and part in force on 30 April 2012. Amend the Immigration (Visa, Entry Permission, and Related Matters) Regulations 2010 in relation to prescribed fees.

Real Estate Agents (Winding Up of Fidelity Guarantee Fund) Order 2012 (SR 2012/37)
Made pursuant to section 163(7) of the Real Estate Agents Act 2008. In force 1 April 2012. Winds up the Real Estate Agents Fidelity Guarantee Fund on 1 April 2012.



Last updated on the 16th March 2012