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Letters to the LawTalk Editor

02 June 2017

  • A letter to the Editor

    7 July 2020

    Many of us will have read the work of Geoff Adlam over the years, either in this publication which he…

  • Letter to the Editor: The right of religious freedom

    12 June 2020

    The New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 affirms the right to freedom of religion and belief, and the Human…

  • Justice Mahon and the Erebus disaster

    12 June 2020

    This year Jacinda Ardern made a public apology upon behalf of the Government in respect of the crash and loss…

  • Guidance to lawyers on testamentary capacity

    29 November 2019

    I have regularly provided medical opinions about capacity, including testamentary capacity, in situations where this capacity is in doubt. The…

  • AML and compliance success

    29 November 2019

    It was truly satisfying to read in the Dominion Post recently that the Police have apprehended a sophisticated drug dealing…

  • Legal nomenclature and JAWS

    29 November 2019

    I read with interest and amusement Sir Ian Barker’s recent article on legal nomenclature (“Legal nomenclature – from prolix to…

  • Extending ACC appeal jurisdiction to the Supreme Court

    29 November 2019

    The judgment of the Supreme Court on 11 October, in the Shark Experience Ltd appeal case (Shark Experience Ltd v…

  • Mentoring of younger lawyers

    29 November 2019

    I was most interested to read the article on Trevor Booth (“Retiring from practising law at 90”, LawTalk 934, November…

  • Berry & Co among New Zealand’s oldest law firms

    4 October 2019

    We read with interest the article entitled “New Zealand’s Oldest Law Firms” appearing at pages 98 and 99 of LawTalk…

  • Printing for the retirement village industry

    4 October 2019

    Is it just me?I am affronted when reading of the obscene profits made by the banks and the more modest,…

  • Enduring powers of attorney forms

    4 October 2019

    I wrote some months ago (LawTalk 907, June 2017) about the forms of enduring powers of attorney, related certificates, and…

  • Court security

    7 June 2019

    I refer to [Ministry of Justice Chief Operating Officer Carl] Crafer’s [response to a letter about court security and the…

  • Access to Justice — Pro bono

    7 June 2019

    I note in [Craig Stephen’s] article regarding pro bono work, mention was made of the restrictions of practitioners “carrying unpaid…

  • Pro bono and CLC and CAB work

    7 June 2019

    I have read the article titled “Finding a match – how well does pro bono work in New Zealand?” by…

  • Queen’s Counsel

    10 May 2019

    Geoff Adlam’s otherwise excellent article on Queen’s Counsel in LawTalk 927, April 2019 contains an error at p73, in his…

Last updated on the 2nd June 2017