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Albert Dan, Richard Kofow and Nathaniel Smith are used in scam

A variation on the old debt recovery scam has surfaced in New Zealand. The scam has also been reported in Canada, with the scammers using the names Albert Dan, Richard Kofow and Nathaniel (or Nath) Smith.

A positive response to the initial email from a New Zealand law firm resulted in a fake Loan Agreement which gave New Zealand addresses for the parties (but documented a loan in US dollars). While one of the New Zealand addresses was described as the borrower's "private residential property", a quick internet search shows that it is a standalone commercial premises.  

From: Albert Dan



Haven gone through your profile, I believe you will be able to help me. I borrowed money to my in-law who has paid me only 20 percent of the money and has refused to pay me the balance so I want legal action to be taken. Your urgent assistance will be highly appreciated. Send me your reply to my alternative email:

I await your response.


Mr Albert Dan 

If the scam is allowed to develop, a number of other "players" emerge. These are Marcy Jacobs, Hamilton M Jose and Barajas Vivian, along with the "company" Apple Consults and Management Services. 


Last updated on the 16th May 2014