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BN Constructions UK, Mona Kismat and Sin Lain Glass Industries

This has to be a contender for one of the clumsiest and most inept scam attempts ever. The email below has been sent to New Zealand lawyers, but could also be sent to clients as it appears to be seeking "investment" in return for some amazing rewards.

The scammer uses the name of BN Constructions UK, which is a genuine company based in Eastbourne, England, and which apparently specialises in flint and stonework.

From: []

Sent: Saturday, 16 November 2013 4:18 p.m.

To: undisclosed-recipients

Subject: Please contact me directly with this email

The Sin Lain Glass Industries Sdn Bhd alongside with O’Neal INC.

Has awarded three contracts worth a total of $990.2m to design build and covert windows and doors. The contracts were awarded to my company BN constructions UK limited. Sin Lain Glass with O’Neal INC Industries after conference has appointed BN Constructions as the main building contractors responsible for a key section of the master plan of the Greenville South Carolina, Millions.

Town, under the terms of the agreement, valued at $690.2m BN constructions UK limited will be responsible for the construction of all the Greenville, South Carolina Glass house work involved in project, Mr.

Koran Miner Director at BN Constructions appointed me as the officer in charge and responsible for windows design and Delivery. (O.F.D.D) I am giving the contracts of windows conversion design in Greenville, South Carolina, worth $300m, I am advice to look for trust worthy person who knows good business, who can help me invest in any profitable business, note after this investment my partner will be awarded by my company, a check of $9m an official car, and will be given a 3 months vacation to any country of choice with family and friends.

I need your help in investing these funds in any good business and getting a location, I was giving your contact to offer you this job I would be very much happy if you accept my proposal. I would stop here for now, till I receive a response from you Please contact me directly with this email

Greenville, South Carolina

Mona Kismat 


Last updated on the 21st November 2013