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Business loan from Abraham Yuzuki

In case the lender is a genuine individual as in the George Bulden scam, his name has been deleted.

From: Abraham J Yuzuki <>

Subject: Hello

I need your legal assistance. I provided a loan to a friend of mine Mr [First Name and Last Name] a business loan in the amount of $350,000. He needed this loan to complete an ongoing project he was handling in 2009. Mr [First Name] is well based in your city and the loan was for 24 months and interest rate of 7.85%. The capital and interest were supposed to be paid on April 15th, 2011 but Mr [First Name] has only paid $50,000.

Please let me know if this falls within the scope of your practice so that I can provide you with the loan documents and any further information you need to know.




Last updated on the 1st November 2012