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Chen Gongchen and Copyright Infringement

This scam introduces the relatively novel element of copyright infringement, but quickly becomes a standard debt collection scam with the objective of robbing any lawyer who assists:

From: Chen Gongchen <>

Subject: A message from Chen Gongchen

Chen Gongchen has sent this message to you

Dear Sir, Please do you handle Copyright Infringement Cases as our long time business associate has violated our copyright agreement and we need a good lawyer to handle this matter urgently. If your firm is retained, our expectation of your services for now will be within the scenario of a Demand Letter to our client. This approach will trigger the much needed response from our client towards amicable settlement. We are prepared to pay your retainer fees and we will also send you other important and sensitive documents. Expecting your urgent reply. Best regards, Chen Gongchen HARESTROYALMACHINERY 


Last updated on the 12th March 2014