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Default loan agreement

This short email is the prelude to a much-used email scam which targets lawyers. If the scammer receives a response, further emails will result in the “defaulter” sending a large cheque in payment. Meanwhile “Dr Lienhard” will have developed a compelling reason for a quick turnaround of the proceeds after the cheque has been banked (after deduction of legal fees, of course). The cheque bounces after a few days, but by then the damage has been done.

Note that this scam uses the same name as that of a prominent German businessman - who obviously has no connection at all with the matter. 

From: Hans Hubert Lienhard <>

Subject: Attention Counsel

My name is Dr. Hans Hubert Lienhard and I am inquiring about the availability of your firm’s legal help of a default loan agreement.


Dr. Hans Hubert Lienhard


Last updated on the 19th August 2013