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Divorce Settlement scam re-emerges: from Harmony Young this time

Variations of this email scam have been around for several years. This Harmony Young scam has also been reported from Canada and the United States. “Harmony” has also been reported as wanting legal assistance with filing a “contempt petition” against her ex-spouse.

From: Harmony Young <>
Date: 17 October 2012 20:20
Subject: An message from Harmony Young
To: [Name of New Zealand Lawyer]

Harmony Young has sent this message to you.

Dear Counsel , My name is Harmony Young. I am a contacting your firm in regards to a divorce settlement with my ex husband (Shin Young) who resides in your jurisdiction.I am currently in South Korea. We had an settlement agreement for him to pay $941,100.00 plus legal fees. He has only paid me $270,500.00 since . I am hereby seeking your firm to represent me in collecting the balance from him. He has agreed already to pay me the balance but it is my belief that a Law firm like yours is needed to help me collect this payment from my ex-husband or litigate this matter if he fails to pay as promised. Warmest Regards, Harmony Young. 5-313, Itaewon, Yongsan, Seoul, Korea


Last updated on the 23rd October 2012