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Donna Switzer has an outstanding debt owed by John Robertson

The "Collection Matter" fraud has resurfaced. This time one of the names used is "Donna Swizter":

First "bait email":

From: donna switzer []



I need a Collection expert who can handle a collection issue. A referral would be welcome if this is not your area of practice. 

If the lawyer is hooked, the following email arrives: 

From: donna switzer <>


Attachments: JOHNNY.JPG

Hello [Recipient lawyer's first name]

I am Ms Donna Switzer. I want you to help me receive outstanding debt from John Robertson on my behalf .He made commitment to pay the money


Amount: $355,000.00

Amount Paid:$60,000

Balance $295,000.00 plus 5.55%. Annual interest for 4years.

The fund is part of the loan John took from me. The point of disagreement between the debtor and I is on the interest at 5.55%. Due to the fact that he is ready to pay the principal with a downward negotiation of the interest gives me this assumption.

I am ready as it is now to negotiate a review of the interest. he assured me that he will pay a substantial part of the capital now then he will pay the balance install mentally  as we may agree.

Find attached copy of Loan Contract. Please contact Mr John via his Email for more details about the situation My best regard, Donna switzer 


Last updated on the 18th June 2015