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Dredging purchase scam returns

22 March 2017

A fraudulent email request for a lawyer to assist in the sale of a dredger has surfaced in New Zealand and other countries.

Sent from someone using the name Suzuku Chau, the fraud follows a well-established pattern and is being reported on scam detection websites such as Avoid a Claim.

The endgame of the scam comes when the lawyer who agrees to act for the "seller" is sent a forged cheque which is then deposited in the lawyer's trust account. The seller will have come up with a reason for urgent transfer of the funds. The cheque then bounces.

The scam has appeared in New Zealand. The names of at least two genuine New Zealand companies have been used. Neither New Zealand company is not involved in any way.

The exploratory email received in New Zealand reads as follows:

From: Suzuki Chau []
Sent: 21 March 2017 22:15
Subject: Re: [First, Middle and Last Name]

Hello [First, Middle and Last Name]

My Company is in the process of selling a dredger to a buyer residing in your area. I need an Attorney to help me draft a purchase and sale agreement for the transaction. I have attached some necessary details of the dredger for your view, please advice on your rate, retainer fee and forward to me your retainer agreement to sign. Find below the name of the proposed buyer for your conflict check. The manufacturer and the total expenditure amount is One Million Nine Hundred and seventy Thousand dollars

Proposed Buyer: [First and Last Name] 

[Name of genuine New Zealand company]

[Address of New Zealand company]

Thanks, looking forward to your prompt responses.

Suzuki Chau 
Deputy Director of Sales


Gen Company LTD

2-12 Kamiji 2-chome Higashinari-ku Osaka 537-0003 Japan

Tel: +81-06-6975-7601

Fax: +81-06-6975-7602


Last updated on the 22nd March 2017