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Fake invoice in email purportedly from NZ lawyer

The New Zealand Law Society is warning lawyers to take extreme care if they receive an email purporting to come from genuine New Zealand law firms and giving details of a payment.

The emails use the name and email address of practising lawyers.

They contain a short message and include an attachment which the lawyer recipient is invited to view. The Law Society believes the attachment could contain malware. If downloaded this could cause major problems with the downloader's computer system.

Two examples have the following components:

Subject: Payment invoice has been paid

"We have sent you a Wire Transfer for amount $4,972. Please view attachments for details."

Attachment: ""


Subject: The payment has been made

"We have sent you a Transfer for amount $12,297.00. Please view attachment for details."

Attachment: "" 


Last updated on the 17th December 2014