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Gerald Hines’ wife is getting better after her fatal accident

Gerald Hines starts off well in his request for assistance with purchase of a property in New Zealand. However, anyone who responds to his initial email (and this is not recommended) will receive the distressing news that the delay in responding has been because his wife has had a fatal accident – but thanks to the wonders of medicine, she is now responding to treatment. Have a chuckle, then delete it.

First Email

From: Gerald Hines []
Sent: Tuesday, 24 January 2012 10:45 PM
Subject: Purchase of Property


I am looking to buy a property in New Zealand and would be glad if you can assist me in acquiring it.Please get back to me as soon as possible because i have already finalized with the sellers but i need a solicitor to act on my behalf and also make payment on my behalf.

My best regards, 

Gerald Hines.

Second Email

From: Gerald Hines []
Sent: Friday, 3 February 2012 6:56 PM
Subject: Re: Purchase of Property


Top of the day to you and thank you for your email.I am sorry that i have not been able to communicate but this was due to a fatal accident involving my wife on the 2nd of January 2012 in Asia,but she is responding to treatment and getting better everyday and that has made me not been able to follow up with business and as usual i have a backlog of transactions/dealings to attend to and the purchase of these property in New Zealand happens to be a pressing one in my scale of preference.

I am very happy that you are willing to help me in buying the house in New Zealand, the house am buying is located in [actual location],and the agent selling the house is [Name of actual agent].

What I want you to do for me first is for me to send my monies to you which you will hold for me in trust so that you can stand as my lawyer and witness the payments and also the sellers will feel more comfortable that a lawyer in NZ is paying for the property, so please I want you to send me your details to enable me raise the draft of the total money for the house and also all your charges so that you can be with the funds before I come over.

Basically,no sale and purchase agreement has been drawn up yet but purchase price for this property is set at NZD230,000.00 which i am seriously interested in acquiring.They have also given me the go ahead to get my lawyer who will make the payment on my behalf.

I am presently in the United Kingdom but i am always travelling because of the nature of my business and also the back log of business i have to attend to but you can send me an email as i would be able to access my email at all times and if you need to speak to me directly,i would not hesitate to also furnish you with my direct line.

Below are the informations you would need to make contact:

ADRESS OF PROPERTY: [Actual location]
PHONE NUMBER : [Actual cellphone]

Please send to me the informations below so that i can ask my financial advisor to raise this amount as soon as possible and send it over to you to hold in your trust 

account pending when all necessary documents are put in place and final payments will be made for the property.Also send me your retainer fee amount which will be included

in the draft amount for the property.


I will send you a copy of my international passport. Awaiting your informations as soon as possible.

My best regards,

Gerald Hines.



Last updated on the 11th May 2012