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Herman Pura Garcia used in Spanish letter fraud

14 February 2017

A well-worn letter scam has surfaced again in New Zealand, with the fraudster pretending to be Spanish lawyer Herman Pura Garcia.

The letter is sent to people with a particular surname and comes in an official-looking envelope. The fraudster purporting to be Mr Garcia says he is "an Attorney/Solicitor, working with Guillermo & co Abogados-Asesores International in Spain". This is a real law firm and Mr Garcia is a real lawyer, but they have absolutely no connection with the attempted fraud.

The fraud has been used many times. The "lawyer" pretends to have had a rich client, who has been killed along with his immediate family. Just before his death he invested €7.5 million, and the investment company has requested his faithful "lawyer" to present an heir/heiress.

The letter recipient amazingly has the same surname as the deceased client. His "lawyer" proposes a little trick: " proposition is seeking your collaboration to be the benefactor of the aforementioned investment deposit. Though, I acknowledge you may not be anyway related to my late client, but taking into account that you both have a common surname is a positive factor as it can be considered a common genealogy. I can guarantee that we stand a great chance of success if you follow my instructions..."

The names used in the letters may vary, but the nature of the fraud and the wording do not.


Last updated on the 14th February 2017