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Huan Song wants to file a contempt petition

Like the Meny Kusumo debt collection fraud, this is a well-used attempt to steal money from lawyers.

Huan Song wants to file a "contempt petition" against her ex-husband Shan Song "who resides in your jurisdiction".

The names may vary, but the fraud remains the same. Like most of these frauds the fraudster attaches documentation to "prove" their identity.

Initial email:

From: Huan Song []
Subject: Dear Lawyer

Dear Lawyer,

My name is (Huan Song), i wish to file a contempt petition against my ex-spouse (Shan Song) who resides in your jurisdiction for breaching the court decree with regards to payment of family divorce settlement. Please advise if you handle such case to enable me furnish you with more details.

I look forward to your response.

My Regards,

Huan Song 

Followup email if response received from targeted lawyer (accompanied by forged agreements, passport pages and other "identification":

From: huan song []
Subject: RE: Dear Lawyer

Dear Lawyer,

Thank you for your prompt response to my inquiry. am residing in Japan for an assignment at present and my ex-spouse Shan Song lives in your jurisdiction.

We were married and divorced in South Korea with 4 children, my ex-husband Shan Song relocated to ([Location of targeted lawyer inserted] ), he is a business man, he is into Real Estate Management, we both agreed under a separation agreement incorporated, merged into and made part of the court decree for a settlement of child support, spousal support, and medical support of $941,100.00 USD, he has paid me $270,500.00USD but still owing $670,600.00 dollars and the stipulated time for completion of payment has long elapsed.

I am hereby now seeking your legal assistance in collecting the balance or helping me enforce and have him honor the agreement. I will be providing further information upon your request. I have already advised Shan my ex that I will be retaining a lawyer, so he knows I am ready to take action to get my money from him.

Please let me know if you require consultation fees before you advice or after the case is done, and if so I will require you to send me your retainer agreement base on an hourly rate so we can start from there. I need to know if I will be able to work with your terms.

See the attached copy of the Separation Agreement, Decree of Divorce and our Marriage Certificate and International Passport.

NOTIFICATION: I have also informed my lawyer in South Korea to forward me a legalized (Power of Attorney) from the court of Korea were the divorce took placed to be forward to you and act on my behalf as my legal representative to recover the funds from my ex husband that lives in your jurisdiction.

This is my first time seeking for a lawyer international and I believe a law firm like yours is needed to help me collect payment from my ex husband or litigate this matter if he fails to pay as promised.

I want to know your (Retainer Fees) and your (Percentage)to recover every payment from my ex husband.

My Regards,
Huan Song
2-1-2 Osaki, Shinagawa-Ku Tokyo Japan 141-6021



Last updated on the 21st November 2016