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I am desparetely in need of a solicitor/conveyancer

15 June 2018

The well-established "my divorced husband has promised to pay me, so help me collect it" scam has had an update to bring in the world of Airbnb.

Subject: I am desparately in need of a solicitor/Conveyancer ? 

My name is Ms Linda Jeffery, i am desperately in need of a solicitor/Conveyancer, i am  currently staying in an Airbnb apartment. I and my soon to be divorced husband want to sell our property. The purchasers of our property are cash purchasers and a speedy completion could be achieved subject to satisfactory receipt, i would need a solicitor  to act for us in this matter (Sale & Purchase) and would like to expedite the process  accordingly.

Kindly contact me via my reply Email to <>  so we can discuss  further



Last updated on the 15th June 2018