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"I and my partner have got a buyer on our property"

15 June 2018

A large number of emails sent from overseas to New Zealand lawyers about property sale or purchase are fraudulent. For most, the objective is to entice the recipient lawyer to click on an attachment or download material - with bad results for the IT system. A recent example:

First email

From: Michelle Lee
Subject: Quote needed

Good day,

I am Michelle, I and my partner have got a buyer on our property.

Can you please send us your quote to legally represent us on our house sale of $2,860,000?

Please copy my partner in cc in your response as the house is registered in both our names.


Second email (if a response is sent)

From: William Kim Lee <>
Subject: Re: Legal Fee Estimate

Hello [Name],

Sorry for my late reply, we were both on a holiday. I have seen the quote and its ok with me.

Here are out details, and also provided details of the name and address of property, our passport, agreed price and property deeds and further documents regarding our property.

I will give you a call later. Please kindly find attached and let me know if any further details are needed.



Last updated on the 15th June 2018