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Internal email seeking immediate "international payment"

04 August 2016

Law firm staff are warned to treat all apparent internal instructions with caution as they may not originate from the presumed sender. 

Instructions for immediate payment from one member of a law firm to another may be false. It is important to check the apparent email address of the sender and, where there is any doubt, to verify the instructions.

The following example was received by the manager of a law firm, apparently from one of the directors. One of the immediate warning signs was the email address given for the sender.

From: [Name of director] []
To: [Name of manager]
Subject: Urgent

I need you to make an international payment for me. I need it done immediately? Send me a mail when you are ready so i can send you the details for the payment

[Name of director]

sent from my iPhone


Last updated on the 4th August 2016