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Itsuki Hiroyuk seeks legal assistance with merger

A new variation on an old theme is circulating among New Zealand lawyers at the moment. Purporting to come from Itsuki Hiroyuk, the director of a Japanese company, it pretends the company is planning activity in “your state” and needs a lawyer.

Hiroyuki Itsuki (with an “i” on the end and with the names reordered) is a famous Japanese writer who has written over 140 books. Scammers often use names which are the same as or similar to famous people in order to confuse anyone doing a Google search.

From: Itsuki Hiroyuk [] 
Subject: Legal Rep

We have communicate with a company whom are customers of ours in your state regards merging, we like to merge with the company to increased revenue, market share, and cross-selling opportunities.

We would like to retain you to help us in the process to review proposed transactions for acquisitions or purchase of businesses and creation of contracts for acquisition (merger), if you are interested.

Please advice us on your initial retainer fee and agreement and we shall forward you the company information and letter of intent.

Yours Sincerely,

Itsuki Hiroyuk-Director.

Kodansha Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
12-21 Otowa 2-chome Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo, Japan 112-8001
Telephone:+81 (0)3/53 95 35 76


Last updated on the 6th August 2013