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Joe van Hae keeps on trying for help with litigation of loan matter

“Joe van Hae” has been used by email scammers for several years and Joe has popped up again in New Zealand with the old familiar scam which asks lawyers for help in collecting a debt. The thieves behind the scams change the names they use, but have their own set of precedents for the text of the scam.

Re: Possible Representation


Hello Counsel,

 I am inquiring about the possibility of your firm representing me in the litigation of a loan matter. Debtor: Alfred Odwod: $288,000.00 Amount 80,000 Balance $208,000.00 plus 7.75% annual interest. If you or your firm can be of any assistance, please get back to me at your earliest convenience so I can send you related documents.

Yours Truly



Last updated on the 13th March 2013