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Kelvin Jack is buying a property in New Zealand

Attempts to defraud New Zealand lawyers through fake house purchase requests are very common. This is a long-running scam and real estate agents have also been approached by the fraudsters.

For some entertainment, try to the read the long one-sentence email without drawing breath:

From: Kelvin Jack <>

Subject: Hello [lawyer's name]

Hello [Name]

Good day, my name is Kelvin and I am buying a property in New Zealand, I have seen the house and I have agreed with the price, what I need from you is if you can do a document between me and the seller and also if you can advise me on anything more so that everything will go on fine so that I will not have any problems in purchasing the property, please send me an email on any details you need on the house and also how much it will cost me for you working for me until I finish buying the house. 

Thank you,



Last updated on the 21st November 2016