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Kindly view the attached details... Not a good idea

30 April 2018

An email from an unknown person - often claiming to be British - about buying or selling property, with a few odd phrases, an email address which doesn't match the name of the sender, and an invitation to view a document by clicking on a link: almost certainly someone trying to introduce malware to your computer system.

The following email is a classic example:

From: Fred Marberry
Sent: Monday, 30 April 2018 8:18 a.m.
Subject: Re: Property Purchase

Good day,

We hope this email finds you well

My wife and i require your legal services,we are originally British citizens but we relocated to New Zealand 10 years ago after our retirement.

We have just complete on a sale of our property in the UK ,we will like  to acquire more properties here in New Zealand and would like to inform you that we have seen a perfect property of our taste and we would like you to handle the legal purchase of the property.

Before we proceed kindly view the attached Property Details and Specification Document for your perusal via Docusign.

I await your reply after view the attached Property Details Document so we can proceed.

Best Regards,

Fred Marberry.


Last updated on the 30th April 2018