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Loan agreement and promissory note: Elizabeth Yamashita

This scam follows the usual pattern and includes a false passport and a “loan agreement and promissory note” allegedly produced by a Japanese law firm between two Japanese nationals with addresses in Japan – but all helpfully in English and with the amount of the loan in Euros. The email address of the initial exploratory email should also raise a few suspicions!

First email

From: Elizabeth Yamashita []
Sent: Tuesday, 8 November 2011 5:11 a.m.
Subject: Legal representation request.

Dear Counsel,

Please, I urgently need a legal representation from your law firm in a breach of loan agreement case with my borrower.

Kindly reply today for further information on this case.


Elizabeth A. Yamashita

Second email

Dear Counsel,

Thank you for your kind message.

I am a Japanese citizen and my residential address is at, 2B Hokuto Gakuen Bldg. 4-7-22, Chuo Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi 980-0021 -Japan.

Two years ago, with a dully-signed agreement, I gave a personal loan to one Mr.Ando R. Santoshi, for him meet up with his business obligations during the rough economic period.

The loan amount was 280,000.00 EUR and the agreement was that the loan be paid back after 18 months with an interest of 8% but after the given repayment period Mr.Ando R. Santoshi failed to pay back the loan and relocated with his family to your country.

Ever since, I have tried my best to persuade him to repay the loan and it is now necessary that I will have to take a legal action against him with the help of a law firm like yours, to enforce this 280,000.00 EUR loan repayment or litigate this matter in a law court in your country for a breach of loan agreement since he is now a citizen of your country and presently resides in your city.

Kindly send me all that you require to represent me in this case or please refer me to any lawyer who can help me, if this case does falls under the scope of your practice.


Elizabeth Yamashita

2B Hokuto Gakuen Bldg. 4-7-22

Chuo Aoba-ku, Sendai City

Miyagi 980-0021 -Japan.

Third email (with attachments – “passport” and “loan agreement”)

Dear Counsel,

Thank you for your message to assist me.

Sorry for my poor English but attached below is scanned copy of my passport and an English copy of the loan agreement and promissory note clearly stating the money due to me.

The sum of 280,000.00 EUR (Two hundred and eighty thousand Euro) was supposed to be paid to me by Mr.Ando Santoshi on February 8th, 2011 but up till now he has not paid me before relocating to your country with his family.

For the past several months, I have reminded him of his obligation to pay the 280,000.00 EUR and the interest accrued but he appears not to bothered even long after the expiry period.

This is the main reason; I want your law firm to enforce this debt collection.

I have just informed him today that i am presently seeking legal assistance with your law firm, to enforce this payment but he has not yet responded back as of today.

Please, do acknowledge receipt of the attached documents and kindly send me the necessary legal documents, remuneration agreement or power of attorney for me to sign and return back to you, to enable you represent me and proceed immediately with the enforcement procedures by legal means since he is presently residing in your city and within your jurisdiction.


Elizabeth Yamashita

Fourth email

Dear Counsel,

Please, do acknowledge receipt of the loan agreement documents i just sent to you.

I am looking for a way forward in this matter .


Elizabeth Yamashita

Fifth email

Dear Counsel,

Regarding the loan default and breach of agreement case presented to you earlier,i wish to inform you that the borrower,Mr.Ando Santoshi in your country has just promised to avoid any litigation from your law firm and that since he is presently out of your country for a business trip, his accountant, Mr. Anthony Baker will be sending a partial payment of 187,000.00 EUR to your law firm this week and the remaining balance before 30th November 2011.

That is okay by me and I have already told them to make all the payments through your law firm for record purposes, so let us put the deadline for the total payment at 30th November 2011 before taking the matter to court.

Please kindly update me once his accountant pays in the 187,000.00 EUR to your law firm, so that we can know whether to proceed with the litigation or settle amicably out of court.

Also the accountant is trying to reach you, so kindly let me know the following today to forward to him, enable him send the 187,000.00 EUR to your law firm on time.

Your legal firm full names
Your legal firm Postal Address:
Your legal firm Direct Telephone Number:

Finally, if there is any other legal document i need to sign for you to fully represent me in this breach of loan agreement case, please send it to me today to sign and return back to you , so that we can be ready to take the matter to court if they fail to pay on time as they just promised


Elizabeth Yamashita


Last updated on the 11th May 2012