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Margaret Jameson, Daniel Friedrich and that loan

A relatively sophisticated version of the scams involving request for assistance with collection of an overdue loan has been sent to New Zealand lawyers. This uses an actual New Zealand address. The scam has also been reported in Canada, using different names (such as Dionne Edwards and James Smith) and with slightly different wording.

First email

From: Margaret Jameson []

Subject: Assistance.

Good Day,

I was wondering if your firm would be able to assist me on a litigation case, regarding a friend who has defaulted in paying back the money I loaned him?

Best Regards

Margaret Jameson

Next email if recipient lawyer responds

From: Margaret Jameson []

Subject: Re: FW: Assistance.

I am attaching the Loan Agreement that was reached in New York between me and my friend DANIEL FRIEDRICH, who currently lives at [genuine New Zealand street address with postcode and ending "New Zealand"]. I loaned him the sum of $280.000.00 in January of 2013, when he claimed his business was going through financial difficulties. He has been coming up with one reason or the other why he has not been able to pay me back the money since the due date of the loan which was the 10th of January 2014. I’m currently away from the States at the moment, in Asia on a business trip. Hence my seeking your assistance to help me collect my money from him there in New Zealand, since he now reside there since September 2013. Please note that the (Governing Law) of the loan agreement attached stipulates that the loaned money can be collected from the debtor if he failed to pay back from wherever he resides. Also attached is the check I issued him for the loan. Forwarded below is the last email I received from him when I told him I was seeking the assistance of an attorney, to help me collect my money from him. I did not reply his email, because I do not believe a word from him anymore. Please do forward me your retainer agreement and your terms for my review. Please also let me know the amount I am suppose to pay you upfront for your retainer fee in equivalent USD, if this is something you can assist me with.

Best Regards

Margaret Jameson

[The email includes the following:] 

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Daniel Friedrich <>

Date: Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 4:02 PM  

Subject: Payment.


Hi Meg,

How are you doing today? I have been trying to reach you through the phone number I called you on the last time we spoke to no avail. It really sadden me to know that you are seeking legal representation to file a case against me regarding the $280.000.00 you loaned me. It’s my belief that we can still settle this without the intervention of an Attorney. I will be able to pay you a substantial amount of the loan within a few weeks. But if you insist you are going to collect your money through a lawyer, I can understand your concern, this is entirely my fault. I have promised you severally without coming up with the money. But seriously, do give me the benefit of doubt this time. I will advise you to forward me the contact information of your lawyer, so that I can negotiate my payment plans with him or her. Please Meg, i really would not want any court filing against me or strain our long friendship because I stand a lot to lose most especially my house in New York which I used as security for the loan. Anticipating hearing a positive reply from you.






Last updated on the 17th June 2014