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Marina Kitaya wishes to file a case against Andre Kitaya

This is a variation on the divorce settlement scams. The names are new but the exploratory email uses the catchphrase "court ordered payments of child support, spousal support, Equitable distribution..." 

From: Marina Kitaya []
Sent: Tuesday, 26 November 2013 11:44 a.m.
To: [Name of New Zealand Lawyer]
Subject: Dear Counsel,

 Dear Counsel,

 I wish to file a case against my ex-husband ( Andre Kitaya ) for
 failure to complete
 court ordered payments of Child Support, Spousal Support, Equitable
 distribution and Medical support in our separation agreement. Kindly
 respond to confirm your readiness to assist.

 I am earnestly waiting for your reply.

 Warmest Regards,

 Marina Kitaya .




Last updated on the 26th November 2013