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Matsui Tatsuyuki and "collection matter"

This is a "standard" debt collection scam. Lawyers who respond will be sent forged purchase orders and invoices in the name of a New Zealand company. Great how these big companies (and their Presidents and CEOs) all use gmail...

Initial email: 

From: Matsui Tatsuyuki []

Subject: Legal Matter

We are Japanese company and require your assistant in collection matter, please let us know if you can handle the case,we shall forward you the detail so you can run a conflict check and the related purchasing papers.

Yours Sincerely

Matsui Tatsuyuki 

Response if lawyer replies (includes copies of Purchase Order and Invoice)

From: Matsui Tatsuyuki []

Subject: Re: Legal Matter


Thanks for the response, the debtor company is Debtor:

[Name of genuine New Zealand branch of an Australian-owned company] 

We have attached document with this email for your review, kindly see if there will be any reason why you will not be able to represent us if not please forward us your engagement letter and furnish us with the estimate for legal fee.


Yours Sincerely,

Matsui Tatsuyuki,President and CEO


Central Electronics Complex Ltd.

192-8532 Hachioji, Tokyo Motohongo town 1-chome, No.9 Japan

Tel:042-623 -1255 (main) phone number 

FAX 042-310-5158 


Last updated on the 21st January 2014