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Meny Kusumo wants debt collection in your local area

A attempted debt collection fraud is being emailed to New Zealand lawyers. One version is purportedly sent by Ms Meny Kusumo, seeking to recover $295,000 plus interest from Abbey James Wilsoms.

The fraudster attaches a number of documents to "prove" their identity and the documentation of the loan. These include passport ID. 

Like all such frauds, the "debtor" appears suddenly and promises to pay. A forged cheque arrives. The lawyer deposits in a trust account and pays the fraudster (who suddenly has an urgent reason for quick payment). The cheque bounces a few days after the fraudster is paid. 

The emails below were sent to a New Zealand law firm (reproduced exactly as written):

First email

From: meny kusumo []



I need your assistance for a debt collection in your local area. Please get back to me, if you are available


Meny Kusumo

Second email 

From: meny kusumo []


Dear [Lawyer's first name]

Thank you so much for your quick respond to my request.I am Ms Meny Kusumo. I want you to help me receive outstanding debt from Abbey James Wilsoms on my behalf .He made commitment to pay the money

Debtor: Abbey James Wilsoms

Amount: $355,000.00

Amount Paid:$60,000

Balance $295,000.00 plus 5.55% annual interest for 4years.

The fund is part of the loan Abbey  took from me . 

The point of disagreement between the debtor and i is on the interest at 5.55%. Due to the fact that he is ready to pay the principal with a downward negotiation of the interest gives me this assumption. I am ready as it is now to negotiate a review of the interest. he assured me that he will pay a substantial part of the capital now then he will pay the balanced install mentally as we may agree.

Find attached copies of Loan Contract.Please contact Mr Abbey via his Email for more details about the situation My best regard, Meny Kusumo

Attached to this email is a signed "loan agreement" from "MENY-K FINANCE AND LOAN FIRM". 

Third email

From: abbey wilsoms [mailto:]

Subject: Ms Meny Kusumo 

Attn:[Lawyer's name]

I acknowledge an instruction from Ms Meny Kusumo a business Associate to facilitate the repayment of outstanding loan to you

It will take approximately 7 working days to get the quickest approval therefore I beg your patience and cooperation to work this out.Meanwhile I am not sure how I can monitor the progress of this provision without close monitoring and proper screening regulation of funds , for this reason I want you to reconfirm and  send me your complete name and address  and to enable me to Commence the process of Payment approval.

Please send the following details to me .






Sincerely Your,

Abbey James Wilsoms 




Last updated on the 22nd April 2015