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Mike Garry wants to purchase a house in New Zealand

This scam is a new approach which is aimed specially at New Zealand property lawyers. Don’t be fooled by the “passport page” which the scammer may send.

The emails are reproduced below (all with their tell-tale bad English). This is definitely a scam. The name “Mike Garry” (the full name in the alleged “passport”) has been used in connection with other (non-legal) email scams from Nigeria.

First email

Hello [lawyer’s first name]

Good day, I am Mike Garry and I live in London I am moving to New Zealand with my family in few months and I am buying a house before coming over, I have seen pictures of the house on line and I have agreed with the price also, what I need from you is if you can do a documentation between me and the seller and also if you can advise me on anything more so that everything will go on fine so that I will not have any problems, please send me and email on any details you need on the house and also how much it will cost me for you working for me until I finish buying the house.

Thank you,

Mike Garry.

Second email

Hello [lawyer’s first name]

Thank you for your email, I am very happy that you are willing to help me in buying the house in NZ, I got your name and email from the web site, the house am buying is located at Pukehina beach that is a quiet area but it is about 30 minutes to Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatane. Pukehina is near Te Puke which is the center of the Kiwifruit farming area, and the family selling the house the names are Rys and shirl.

I was introduced to them by my cousin Mr Robert who have viewed the house on my behalf and he has given be the go ahead to buy the house that everything is fine.

What I want you to do for me first is for me to send my funds to you so that you will be the witness and also the sellers will feel more comfortable that a lawyer in NZ is giving them the funds, so please I want you to send me your account details I will send you the total money for the house and also all your charges so that you can be with the funds before I come over, please I am waiting for the details.

Also I sent you a copy of my passport in the attach file,

Thank you,

Mike Garry.


Last updated on the 11th May 2012