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Mike Kapoor debt collection fraud

Lawyers who receive emails from someone calling themselves Mike Kapoor and asking for help in a "debt matter" are advised that is is an attempted fraud:

Subject: debt matter

Hi, My name is Mike Kapoor, I am seeking your assistance in the litigation of a debt owed to me. I am searching for a lawyer that will assist me in writing a formal demand letter to my debtor, file a law suit when necessary and generally represent me. Please advise if this is your area of practice so I can send you more information. I truly hope you can assist me with this and I eagerly wait your response. Regards, Name: Mike Kapoor Emai: Company: Develop & Co Tel: 1-877-668-6237,1-866-538-4944 

Lawyers who do respond, asking for further information could receive the following email, along with a "copy" of the loan agreement: 

Subject: Re: Loan demand

Hi [First name],

Thanks for taking time off your busy schedule to attend to my issue. Below is the name of the debtor for your conflicts checks:-


Debtors Name - 

Andrew Rose

[Lawyer's location], New Zealand


I am sorry for the late response but I only just saw your mail in my spam folder. Attached is a copy of the agreement in PDF format for your review. Andrew Rose (Borrower) has been a longtime business partner, but lately we have walked our separate ways. We both deal on heavy duty equipment sales and rental services. He has borrowed money from me in the pass without no issues and to be honest with you, he has helped me too in the pass. And that's why I am hoping we can settle this issue out of court.

In winter of 2014 he went through some financial difficulties with his business and I gave him a loan for $585,000 in Jan/13/2014 for a year at 7.5% interest which was due this Jan/13/2015.He has only paid back $100,000.00, till date,with $485,000 plus interest and legal fees outstanding.

I have contacted him a few times about the balance of the loan and he promised to pay back,which is not good enough for me. For he has promised and failed to pay so many times. I don't see why I should believe him now to make good in is promises. I can't continue to wait and hope, while his business is striving and mine suffering. To be honest with you, he's simply giving me the run around.

I know the threat or possibility of litigation would serve as a cause to make him pay sooner rather than later. And I also know this may require paying a reasonable retainer or collection cost which I am willing to pay once I get and reviewed your engagement letter. I am hoping this will be a non-litigation matter but I am prepared to litigate this issue if Mr. Rose is not ready to pay back the funds based on our terms of agreement.

Please email me a copy of your engagement letter to better understand your terms and conditions. And also to proceed with this issue with Mr.Rose. 


I also want to bring it to your attention that this loan has caused a great strain of hardship on my business and operational capital.


Warmest Regards,

Michael Kapoor


Unit B Rm 06, 29F, 

Legend Tower 7 

Shing Yip St, 

Kwun Tong KLN, Hong Kong


35 Cherry Blossom Rd, 

Cambridge, ON 

N3H 4R7





Last updated on the 31st July 2015