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Names to watch out for

Email scammers use a variety of names and identities as they attempt to defraud their targets. Some names appear to be used because the scammer has falsified or stolen identity documents. Names are also quickly changed if information is circulated about the scam.

The following list of names is provided for quick reference if you receive an email which you think might be fraudulent. The list has been compiled from reports received. It is very important to note that most (if not all) of the names may belong to a completely innocent individual whose identity is being used by the scammers. If you receive an email which is purportedly from one of the names below, you should also check the content of the message to see if it contains similar elements to commonly used email scams. Scammers have relatively little imagination and when targeting lawyers they use one of about half a dozen scams.

Name Scam associated with
Alice Wood Legal representation
Anthony J Earl New Zealand house purchase
Brenda Blumenkrantz Collaborative Law Agreement
Brett Abraham Litigation of a loan
Crystal Masaru Collaborative Law Agreement
David Yap Chung Legal representation
Elizabeth Yamashita Loan agreement and promissory note
Eric Muller Litigation of a loan
Hak Wah Lau Legal representation
Isabella Minoru Collaborative Law Agreement
James Cole New Zealand house purchase
James Gilliard Breach of loan agreement
Kazuo Miyoko Collaborative Law Agreement
Lynda W Cheng Collaborative Law Agreement
Marybeth Fordam Loan agreement and promissory note
Maxwell Logan Legal representation
Michel Susan Patrick Collaborative Law Agreement
Mike Garry New Zealand house purchase
Rod Aquino AMINZ referral
Rupert Murdoch Business loan
Sanitra Mary Jacob Loan agreement and promissory note
Sheila Shquingzhou New Zealand house purchase
Stafford S Mark Loan agreement and promissory note
Steve Maughan New Zealand house purchase
Zaira Hoshiko Collaborative Law Agreement

Features of commonly used scams which target lawyers

AMINZ referral

Sent to AMINZ members and seeks assistance in collecting a debt. Further information here.

Business loan

Seeks assistance in recovering unpaid portion of a loan made to a business or person living in “your jurisdiction”. Futher information here.

Collaborative Law Agreement

Seeks assistance in recovering a matrimonial settlement which is documented by a collaborative law agreement. Further information here.

Legal representation

Seeking a lawyer to represent a company doing business (usually) in North America. Further information here.

Litigation of a loan

Wants legal assistance in possible litigation over a loan. Further information here.

Loan agreement and promissory note

Seeks legal assistance in chasing repayment of a well-documented loan. Further information here.

New Zealand house purchase

Seeks assistance with purchase and payment for a house in New Zealand. Further information here.





Last updated on the 11th May 2012