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Names used by scammers who target lawyers

Email and other scams continue to target New Zealand lawyers. The scammers are well organised and because lawyers still take the bait, the scam emails keep hitting inboxes.

Names used by scammers change rapidly, but identity theft and a certain lack of originality mean some names continue to pop up. One of the first recommended courses of action when a suspicious email is received is to Google the name used, followed by the word "scam" (eg, "Richard Kofow scam"). Various other lawyers' organisations provide details of scams, and the Google search will often catch these.

Many of the names used in scams which are sent to New Zealand are also tried on Canadian lawyers. The Law Society of British Columbia has a large list of names which are a useful check if you have doubts about the email you have received.

Note that the scammers keep changing names. If you can't find a name through a search, it could still possibly be a scam.

Note also that names used by scammers are also the names of genuine law-abiding people. Our list is of names which have been used in scams which are targeted at New Zealand lawyers. It does not mean that a communication from someone with a name on the list is an attempted scam. Proof of identity from a known third party is prudent for any contact from an unknown client or potential client.

Names which have turned up in New Zealand in email and other scams targeting lawyers are listed below (the link leads to further information on the particular scam):

Abbot-Valley Green Merchants Ltd

Abraham Yuzuki

Adams Cavendish

Albert Dan

Alfred Odwod

Allen Hoshiko

Anderson & Anderson Law Firm

Andre Kitaya

Andrew Hurrell

Angela Azuma

Anne Brown

Annette Morgan

Anthony Johnson

Apple Consults & Mngt Services Ltd

Apple Consulting Services

Archway Sales Inc

Asturiana de Zinc S.A. Spain

Barajas Vivian

Batalla Abogados

Benson Duong

BN Construction UK Limited

Brian Smith

Carters Georges Solicitors

CCP Group International

Central Electronics Complex Ltd

Chen Gongchen

Christina Freitag

Chuo Electronics Co Ltd

Daichi Nakamura

Dan Nagasaki

Daniel Friedrich

David C Buxbaum Esq

David George

Dionne Edwards

EDL Legal

Energex Global

Enrique J Batalla

Europe Business Guide 

Francis Lee

George Bulden

Gerald Hines

Gladys Dia

Green Winick

Hachirou Hasfa

Hamilton M Jose

Hans Hubert Lienhard

Harest Royal Machinery

Harmony Young

Itsuki Hiroyuk

James Campbell

James Lemms

James Smith

Jeanne Fortuyn

Joe Van Hae

John Anderson

John Lemms

John Roberts

Jonathan Maxwell

Karen Peck

Kathryn Wordeman

Kato Sasaki

Kenneth Dean

Kiyoshi Yukio

Kodansha Ltd

Koran Miner

Larry Leroy

Luis Davis

Marcy Jacobs

Margaret Hunt

Margaret Jameson

Marina Kitaya

Masayoshi Hiyama

Matsui Tatsuyuki 

Micheal Azuma

Mid River Steel

Mining and Smelting Company

Mona Kismat

Nan Yhang

Nathaniel Smith

Nguyen Minh-Tam

Nishiyo Stryker

Nissha Printing Co

NPI Lease Company Limited

Omega Loan Finance Ltd

Pacheco Samuel

Pamela Wong

Phillips Gregory, USN, Retired

Rare Books Depot

Richard Abramovic

Richard Gibson

Richard Kofow

Robert Chavez

Robert Garcia

Robert Otermat

Robinsons Solicitors

Ryoichi Ohno

Sain Young

Samuel Bendikson

Sara Mary Berkley

Sara Mary Chandis

Seung Anthony Palmer Tang

Shinchosha Publishing Co Ltd

Showa Leasing Company Limited

Silva Lawson

Sin Lain Glass Industries Sdn Bhd

Snowden Executive Search


South Toranomon Law Offices

Thai Industrial Supplies Ltd

Tim Clark

United Overseas Bank, Malaysia

Wilson Dia

World Business Guide

Yong Huang

Yoshiko Tomoko

Zaira Jyong


Last updated on the 21st November 2016