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New Zealand house buying scam re-emerges

Approaches to New Zealand lawyers at the end of 2011 used real details of houses for sale. This scam has re-emerged, with slightly different wording, but with the same intent: to attempt to steal money from any lawyer who engages with the scammer.

If information about Robert Chavez is requested, a copy of a passport is emailed with a very dodgy-looking signature.

From: robert chavez []
Sent: Saturday, 8 September 2012 12:02 p.m.
To: [Lawyer’s Name]
Subject: Hello,


Good day, I am Robert Chavez and I live in London I am moving to New Zealand with my family in few months and I am buying a house before coming over, I have seen pictures of the house and I have agreed with the price,I need you to do a documents between me and the seller of the property and also if you can advise me on anything more so that everything will go on smooth to get the property, please send me and email on any details you need on the house and also how much it will cost me for you working for me until I finish with the process on the house.

Thank you,

Robert Chavez.


Last updated on the 14th September 2012