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Nguyen Minh-Tam scam of Mid River Steel

A common email scam purports to be sent by the representative of a firm called Mid River Steel. This has been received in New Zealand and has also been reported in Canada.


Subject: Legal Representation Needed

Dear Counsel

Our firm is in search of a lawyer that handles civil and breach of contract issues. Please advice if your law firm handles such matters. Thank you.


Nguyen Minh-Tam

Director of International Operations

Tel: +61285201016



Note that there is a website for Midriver Steel (as it is described) which gives its location as 109 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia. However, none of the 84 businesses listed at that address is called Midriver Steel. The personnel listed also do not show up in further searches, and the organisations to which Midriver Steel says it belongs (including Better Business Bureau, American Welding Society and the Associated General Contractors of America) do not list Midriver Steel as a member (and the purported link to those organisations does not work). While it is possible Midriver Steel is (or was once) a genuine company, no person named Nguyen Minh-Tam can be found among the list of personnel. The Australian website is also almost identical to an American site for a firm called Jonquil Steel & Construction Company (which even has the same personnel, but is probably a genuine organisation). Copying genuine websites to use in a scam is, unfortunately, common



Last updated on the 14th January 2014