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Nissha Printing Co and its merger “in your state”

Type in the url given for the company and you land on a website in Japanese for what appears to be a genuine Japanese printing company. The only problem is that the email below has been sent to many New Zealand lawyers – and which large company lets its representative use a gmail account?


“We have communicate with a company whom are customers of ours in your state regards merging, we like to merge with the company to increased revenue, market share, and cross-selling opportunities. 

“We would like to retain you to help us in the process to review proposed transactions for acquisitions or purchase of businesses and creation of contracts for acquisition (merger), if you are interested. 
“Please advice us on your initial retainer fee and agreement and we shall forward you the company information and letter of intent. 
Kato Sasaki 
Nissha Printing Co., Ltd. 
3 Mibu Hanai-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8551, Japan 
T +81 75 811 8111 



Last updated on the 11th September 2013