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Rebecca Jackson property purchase

What appears to be a "routine" attempted property purchase scam (where a forged cheque ends up deposited in a lawyer's trust account) takes a more sinister turn with an invitation to click on a couple of links.

Lawyers are warned to ensure that any emails they receive with links to attachments or Dropbox are legitimate. The risk is introducing a virus or malware to their computer network.

One example is as follows (reproduced as sent):

First Email 

From: Rebecca Jackson []

Subject: Property

My name is Rebecca.

I am looking at buying a property in your area and i would be needing the services of a lawyer with experience in such field. A friend recommended your firm so i would like to know if you can help me out.


Second Email (after lawyer responds) 

From: Rebecca Jackson []

Subject: Re: New home

Sorry for not replying on time, I have been out of town. I have taking a good look at the pictures online and i am still very much interested in seeing it. But first, i want you to view this pictures and specifications of mine which i attached with Drop-box, So you would know what exactly i am expecting. Click Here to view it.




Last updated on the 18th June 2015