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Robinsons Solicitors and Tim Clark

The English Solicitors Regulation Authority has issued a warning about this scam, which uses the name of a genuine English solicitor and a genuine law firm.

The initial email appears very plausible, as it appears to use a genuine law firm template (including a Solicitors Regulatory Authority registration number at the bottom).

The scam itself uses the old formula of pretending the recipient shares the same unusual name as the deceased “client”.

Emails have been sent to New Zealanders with the last name used. Because the law firm involved is genuine (with its own website), lawyers have been contacted with inquiries about the veracity of the email.

From: Tim Clark <>
Date: 26 August 2013 7:48:19 GMT+08:00
To: [Recipient in New Zealand]
Subject: Private Email: Martin [Last Name]

Dear Martin [Last Name],

My name is Tim Clark, sole legal counsel to late Alec D. [Last Name]. Alec died on the 8th of November, 2003 in the United Kingdom. Couple of weeks back, I was contacted by the Financial Institution where he held a monetary resource to contact his family members on his abandoned investment with them. Throughout my search, I was not able to ascertain a genuine relative who shall be the recipient of his abandoned investment, hence contacting you.

Yours sincerely,

Tim Clark

Senior Partner

Robinsons Solicitors
River House, Stour Street, Canterbury CT1 2NZ
Tel: (0) 7924 551 313

Robinsons Solicitors is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority Reg. No.380403.


Last updated on the 29th August 2013