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Sieng Erosaosky keeps old-fashioned scams going

23 May 2017

As the criminals behind email fraud become more smarter and develop harder-to-spot frauds, some of the older unsophisticated scams continue, presumably from older and unsophisticated crooks. Many of them play on the latent greed of the recipient, pretending to identify an opportunity to steal some funds in cooperation with the foreigner who has suddenly and generously emailed a way of getting rich.

The email which is being sent to New Zealand lawyers by "Sieng Erosaosky" is a good example of a scam attempted many times and hopefully sitting in the category of Scam Detection 101: 

From: Sieng Erosaosky []
Sent: Monday, 22 May 2017 1:12 PM
Subject: LETTER


My name is Mr. Sieng Erosaosky the Director of Audit and accounts section and a manager to some individual accounts in a prevalent financial corporation here in south East Asia, i will need your co-operative assistance to surreptitiously move a certain fortune/funds of a certain deceased client with NO CLANS.

Because of the urgency i decided to e-mail you, my reason for contacting you is because I want you and i to benefit from this business proposal I tend to pick up with you if you can indicate your positive interest, 50% of the sum is yours for your help, NOTE; all process is completely risk free and will be carryout legally and legitimately. I will detail you on the process on receiving your optimistic swift response.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Sieng Erosaosky.


Last updated on the 23rd May 2017