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Stay clear of the eBusiness Number Registry

27 August 2018

Law firms and other organisations are being targeted with invitations to include their details in the "eBusiness Number Registry". The invitation includes an attachment to be filled out. This is fraudulent.

The fraud is long-standing and has been reported for several years. Included within the lengthy list of terms and conditions is a statement such as "We accept the advertisement's annual costs of 890 Euro, which are payable in advance."

This is an example of a tried-and-true "directory" scam. Read more here or here.

From: eBusiness Number <>
Sent: [Date]
To: [Name of NZ recipient]
Subject: eBusiness Number registry for 2018/2019


please complete and submit the attached document to have your company (re)included in the registry for the 2018/2019 edition.

Willi Sänger-Straße 16
12437 BERLIN

Alternatively, send us a scanned copy of the completed document by replying to this email.

Updating is free of charge.

Best wishes,
eBusiness Number Registry


Last updated on the 27th August 2018