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Tell-tale phrases used in scam emails

Most of the emails which attempt to scam New Zealand lawyers use some common phrases. If you receive an email which has any of the following phrases or expressions, think carefully before responding. The examples are taken from the initial, exploratory email which scammers send. Examples of the use are given in the links.


Subject: I need Counsel (Example)

Dear Counsel (Example One, Example Two)

Hello Attorney (Example)

Top of the day to you (Example One, Example Two)

My name is ... (Example One, Example Two)

in your jurisdiction (Example One, Example Two, Example Three, Example Four, Example Five)

breach of loan agreement (Example One, Example Two)

litigation of a loan matter (Example One, Example Two)

collection matter (Example One, Example Two)

Collaborative Participation Law Agreement (Example One, Example Two)

I need your legal assistance (Example One, Example Two)

I am in urgent need of legal assistance (Example)

I was wondering if your firm would be able to assist me on a litigation case (Example)

I wish to file an enforcement petition (Example)

I wish to file a contempt petition (Example)

I am moving to New Zealand with my family in a few months and I am buying a house before coming over (Example One, Example Two)

for failure to complete court ordered payments (Example)

I am currently on assignment in ... (Example)

I did not reply to his email, because I do not believe a word from him anymore (Example)

Send me your reply to my alternative email (Example One, Example Two)

we prefer communication via e-mail (Example)

Kindly respond to confirm your readiness to assist (Example)

Kindly advise immediately (Example)

I am earnestly waiting for your reply (Example)

we shall forward you the details so you can run a conflict check (Example)

Please do forward me your retainer agreement and your terms for my review (Example)

we look forward to a prompt response from you (Example One, Example Two)


Last updated on the 22nd November 2016