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The Boltons want to buy property in New Zealand

17 October 2017

Many New Zealand lawyers have received emails (plus a copy of a passport page) from someone purporting to be Henry and Caroline Bolton.

The emails are fraudulent and an attempt to trick lawyers into remitting funds to the scammers:

From: Henry and Caroline L bolton []
Sent: Sunday, 15 October 2017 8:38 PM
Subject: Legal Query

Good day,

We hope this email finds you well

My wife and i require your legal services,we are originally British citizens but we relocated to New zealand 10 years ago after our retirement as directors

We have just completed on a sale of our property in the UK ,we will like  to acquire more properties in New zealand but have not found the right property yet, so the monies from our sale are just be sitting in our bank account

Our pension scheme is still in the UK and we want to move our pension funds down to New zealand,we require your legal advise and guidance  with our assets protection,insurance and Tax matter,we are also thinking of setting up a Trust 

I have attached our passport copies in  PDF format,what are your requirements and legal fee?, we are available for an appointment if you will take instructions from us.

Best Regards

Henry and Caroline Bolton


Last updated on the 17th October 2017