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Tom Chamlet also wants "conveyance services"

17 January 2018

One of a seemingly endless number of attempts to defraud lawyers through a fake house purchase has been sent to New Zealand lawyers using the name Tom Chamlet (although names are changed regularly):

From: Tom Chamlet []
To: [Lawyer's Name]
Subject: Conveyance Services Needed

Hi There,

I am in the process of purchasing a property and I will like to procure your services as a (solicitor) third party beneficiary on my behalf.

A fee has been agreed upon by myself and the vendor and the deal would be sealed ASAP.

What are your rates? Do you charge hourly or based on the work involved?

Please I will appreciate your prompt reply, so we can so I can send you the property details and the necessary documents needed.



Tom Chamlet


Last updated on the 17th January 2018