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Top of the day, and would you mind recovering a debt owed to me

This is another variation of the standard “debt recovery” scams. 

From:  On Behalf Of Daichi Nakamura 

Dear Counsel, 
Top of the day to you. 
Pardon me for whatever inconveniences, if any, that this mail may cause you but I require your assistance in recovering a debt owed to me by a business partner of mine, Mr. Samuel Bendikson, in the amount of US$1,850,000. The debt was as a result of a loan he obtained from me which was used in executing some construction work sometime in 2011. The loan was for 24 months with an interest rate of 8.75%. The capital and interest were supposed to have been paid by May 15th, 2013 but Mr. Bendikson has only paid US$192,000. 
So, I seek your advise and possible legal representation against Mr. Bendikson in collecting the debt. Please advise if this is something you can handle for me so that I can provide you with the relevant document pertaining to the matter. 
Kind regards,

Daichi Nakamura



Last updated on the 6th August 2013