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Top of the day to you! Jean Mayfield wants to buy a property

The house purchase scam appears to have resurfaced after first appearing in 2011. Other versions include the approaches by Robert Chavez, Steve Maughan, Anthony J Earl, and Mike Garry.

The lead-off email in the current scam copies the wording used by Anthony J Earl in late 2011. 

Any lawyers who take the bait will receive very plausible information about an actual house which has been "purchased". All that is needed now is a lawyer to sort out the paperwork and for that, they will be well paid.

From: Jean Mayfield <>



Top of the day to you. I am looking to buy a property in New Zealand and would be glad if you can assist me in acquiring it. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Because I have already finalized with the seller, but I need a solicitor to act on my behalf and also make payment on my behalf.

My best regards

Jean Mayfield.


Last updated on the 22nd November 2016