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Warning about job offers by phone

Lawyers working for a New Zealand law firm have reported receipt of phone calls purportedly from a foreign legal recruitment company. Investigation has indicated that the calls are a scam which aims to gain personal information which can be used for social engineering.

The New Zealand Law Society says the calls received were from an individual calling herself Anne Brown and representing "Snowden Executive Search".

The calls originated from a foreign phone number, 7465248136. 

The lawyers called were told that their names had been put forward for a senior role for an unnamed client. They were told that Brown's supervisor would call them at a convenient time to discuss things further. Brown asked for an appropriate phone number for the supervisor to call and an email address so that details of the role could be provided.

The Law Society says research has revealed that Snowden Executive Search (or SnowdenExec) and the name Anne Brown have been reported in a number of countries as trying to obtain details from people by pretending to be recruiters.

It is likely the scam is attempted social engineering - psychological manipulation of people with the objective of getting them to disclose personal or confidential information. Such information can be used to infiltrate computer networks or to steal money from the individual concerned.

The Law Society says the name "Anne Brown" is among a number reportedly used in a scam where people are offered the possibility of employment in a foreign location and are then asked to complete an "online screening" process, including a credit check. The information divulged for this can then be used for criminal purposes.


Last updated on the 7th May 2014