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Watch out for holiday home "purchasers"

10 August 2016

The purchase of property in New Zealand has become a popular scenario for fraudsters over the last couple of years.

The following exploratory email was received by a New Zealand law firm. The name used by the fraudster has popped up in other email scams around the world, along with a helpful copy of a passport attached to one of the emails.

The "good day to you" initial greeting seems to be a favourite phrase for property purchase scammers.


Good day to you,my name is Ayaka Kazuko,i am a Canadian citizen looking to buy a holiday home in Blenheim,New Zealand, i will need your advice on how i can achieve my goal.

I am looking for a property to buy in the range of $1million to $1.3million United state dollars maximum.

I will also like to know how much tax i will have to pay on this property as a foreign national, and if your firm can recommend a good local realtor and handle all the legal part of the purchase. If you require to speak to me do not hesitate to call me on +1 786 220 1847.
Waiting to hear from you.
Best Regards
Mr Ayaka Kazuko


Last updated on the 10th August 2016