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Yasuo Hirose wants help with some contract documents

15 March 2018

One of the old standards has emerged, with a fraudster looking for help with drawing up some contractual documents.

The mismatched email addresses and well-worn phrases such as "My name is" and "your jurisdiction" are good pointers to this clumsy attempted fraud.

From: Yasuo Hirose <<>>

Subject: Business Merger


My name is Yasuo Hirose. I am the President / CEO of Sygma Engineering & Construction Company here in Hong Kong. We have just concluded negotiations on a merger deal with a customer company of ours in your jurisdiction. We have agreed to merge and carry on our businesses in the USA and Canada under an agreed name.

We would like to retain your services in drawing up the final Contract Agreement.Kindly advise us immediately on your initial retainer fee and terms of agreement and we shall forward you fuller details of this transaction. However, if this not your area of practice, a referral will be highly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely
Yasuo Hirose
Sygma Engineering & Construction co.
Head Office,
D114, Lot197, 148A-B, 149,
Sheung Shek Kong,
Kam Tin Road, Kam Tin.
N.T. Hong Kong


Last updated on the 15th March 2018