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RMLA conference, Christchurch, 26-27 September

09 September 2019

Resource management law is fundamentally forward looking. As practitioners, we often need to “crystal ball” gaze and forecast the effects and impacts, be they likely or potential, of whatever activities have been proposed.

But sometimes we need to lift our heads from our day-to-day endeavours and reflect on where all this is leading. In doing so, we can also examine the role that the RMA could, or should, play in enabling innovation, technology and visionary thinking.

We now live in an ultra-connected environment that’s changing faster than ever before. Young and old seem, more than ever, to speak different languages in an increasingly digital world, and urban and rural communities can still seem to be worlds apart.

How then do we plan for a future that’s yet to be imagined, frame changing environments as opportunities instead of threats and regulate environments we can’t yet predict?

The 2019 RMLA Visionary Environments conference will treat delegates to some forward-looking wisdom based on real-world examples and visions of the challenging potential futures we may all have to contend with.

Explore what it might take to ensure water resources will sustain us and the needs of communities and the environment in the years ahead. Imagine how we could live, work and feed ourselves. What sort of food might we eat? Consider how we can harness energy to power the future in an age affected by, and responding to, climate change.

The keynote speaker is Michael Schellenberger, who won the Time magazine Hero of the Environment award in 2008.

When: 26-27 September

Where: Christchurch Town Hall

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Last updated on the 9th September 2019