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Healthy body

Being a lawyer is a rewarding role but can be a demanding one. You may feel that you often don’t have time to exercise or eat well. But keeping physically fit and well-nourished can boost your performance and improve your resilience.

Take a health assessment with Vitality Works

Law Society members can access an online health assessment tool, Wellbeing 360, provided by Vitality Works.  Wellbeing 360 is a comprehensive assessment of a person's wellbeing – not just physical, but also mental, work and social. Wellbeing 360 provides a snapshot of how you are going in these key areas and, importantly, it provides some simple actions that you can put into practice.

Vitality Works provides free access to its Wellbeing 360 resource for Law Society members.

Find out how to access Wellbeing 360.

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Last updated on the 9th November 2016