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Do I have an addiction?

There are a number of online tests which are designed to measure your actions or use of substances and to provide an assessment:

Recognising the signs of addiction for drugs, alcohol and dependency

While you may not be able to immediately identify a problem with alcohol, drug use or gambling, your pattern of use may be hazardous and put you at risk of developing one or more of these problems in the future. Read more... 

Getting help for an addiction

If you think that you or anyone you know might have an addiction, there are many excellent organisations that can offer help and assistance. Read more... 

Gambling - when does it become a problem?

Gambling has become a problem if it affects a person’s wellbeing in any way. It can also affect those around us.  Read more... 

Helping someone with an alcohol problem

My friend was a lawyer. By the time he decided to address his addiction, he had lost his wife, his house and many of his friends. Read more...

Joe the alcoholic tells his story

There are a number of lawyers in the AA fraternity and we are more than willing to help anybody who wants to stop drinking. Read more...  

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Last updated on the 17th May 2019