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New Book: Accident Compensation Act: Key Sections and Commentary

Author: Ben Thompson

Publisher: LexisNexis NZ Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-927227-96-1

Publication: November 2014

Price: $120 (GST included, p&h excluded)

Pages: 195

Format: Paperback and e-book


Experienced ACC practitioner Ben Thompson provides a practical analysis and commentary on the sections of our ACC legislation which are pivotal to rights and entitlements and to administration of the scheme. The book is aimed at claimants, litigators, treatment providers and those studying ACC law and practice.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Table of Cases

Chapter 1 – Preliminary

Chapter 2 – Cover

Chapter 3 – Code of Claimants’ Rights and Claims

Chapter 4 – Entitlements

Chapter 5 – Dispute resolution

Chapter 6 – Miscellaneous provisions

Chapter 7 – Treatment

Chapter 8 – Weekly Compensation

Chapter 9 – Lump Sum Compensation

Appendix (Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Compensation (Code of ACC Claimants’ Rights) Notice 2002



This summary is intended to assist New Zealand lawyers by providing advice on new sources of legal information which may help them in their work. It does not constitute an endorsement by the New Zealand Law Society. For further information relating to content or purchase of the book, contact the publisher. 


Last updated on the 18th December 2014